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Marie Poulin - Making a business from Notion Mastery

Marie Poulin drops by to talk about - a topic whose demand dragged her along to create a business around teaching Notion at a premium level! Marie an...

I Quit (ft. Aaron Francis)

Chris is leaving UserScape after 8 years, and working as a "Laravel Specialist" at Fly ( Aaron offered to interview me to talk about it!

Adam Elmore - Consulting in AWS and

This week I talked to Adam Elmore about his career - from funded startups, to high-paying freelance gigs for startups using AWS. Adam has EVERY certification AWS offer...

Aaron Francis round 2 - Hammerstone changes, Refine, and finalized Chipper pricing

Unofficial co-host Aaron Francis comes by again! We take turns talking about our stuff. I talk about Chipper & the final pricing decision I made (sorry Dan!), and Aaro...

Alex DeBrie - Info Products and Personal Finance as a Creator

Alex DeBrie stops by and we talk about his business - consulting, writing books, teaching, and so much more! We also talk a bit about Chipper CI, running a SaaS, and o...

Brian Casel - ZipMessage

Brian Casel comes by and we talk about his latest product - how it's grown, what he's doing for marketing, becoming a backend developer himself, podcast...

Jason McCreary (Jmac) - Laravel Shift & growing a side hustle to full time

Jason McCreary joins the show to talk about how Laravel Shift works, and how Jason thinks about his business. Shift started as a side project to help developers update...

Matt Wensing - Summit

Matt and Chris talk about Matt's 2nd startup Summit, and then a bit about pricing on Chipper CI.

Peter Suhm - Reform and freemium

Peter and Chris talk about leveraging freemium to help grow their businesses. Chris promises to talk slower and louder in future episodes.

Aaron Francis - Refine, Sidecar, Laravel, and Serverless

Chris and Aaron Francis talk business! Chris talks about owning all of Chipper CI, Aaron talks about his his business Hammerstone.

A Quick Intro

A quick introduction to Pushing Boulders - a podcast about growing businesses.

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